Predictive Fleet Technologies

UTC 2024.06.14 22:41


Customers of EP are focused on internal combustion engines – primarily for vehicle propulsion, but also for stationary applications and vehicle auxiliary engines such as refrigeration, air conditioning, cement mixing, etc.

Engine Service companies use the EP hardware to collect engine signatures that are analyzed to give a straightforward assessment of engine ‘health’.  Detected integrity issues are localized to the upper or lower engine; issues such as carbon buildup and inadequate lubrication are suggested from the vibrational spectra analysis. Useful for recommending service upgrades when an assessment shows a need.

Dealers and other businesses involved with buy, trade-in and sell decisions can get assessment reports to better determine asset value for pricing decisions.

Engine Repair shops use diagnostic reports that review a library of possible engine issues with rules and rank the confidence that each is present in your engine. In case of uncertainty, questions are presented to the mechanic for consideration. Results in reduced time for diagnosis and job estimation.