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  1. EnginePolygraph kits depending on your PicoScope requirements and if you already have a FirstLook® sensor kit
Engine Polygraph kit (SKU 20010)
MRSP 7495.00 USD plus shipping
Engine Polygraph Kit

The Engine Polygraph kit contains the basic hardware to produce digital pressure change data from an internal combustion engine (ICE), spark or diesel ignition, simultaneously in the exhaust and crankcase while the engine is ‘hot’ (running) or ‘cold’ (cold-crank). The data is collected by two FirstLook® sensors for 500 ms to 1500 ms, depending on the engine RPM. It is most useful with a four-channel PicoScope to provide simultaneous views of the exhaust, crankcase through the oil dipstick tube, and other optional sensors. The PicoScope is connected to a laptop (not included) which is connected to the Internet.

The signatures (data) are analyzed on our servers and reports generated and made available online or via email on a subscription basis.

The threaded FirstLook® sensors are attached to hoses or to various provided attachments by threading into the hose or attachment; extraction is by reverse rotation of the sensor. The hoses and/or nozzles are then placed to sense the pressure changes and vibrations. For vertical stacks, see the ‘Shepherd’s hook’ vertical exhaust sampling unit, below.

The kit includes:

  1. Literature Packet:
    • Read Me sheet
    • Equipment Handling and Care
    • Engine Polygraph® Quick Reference Card
    • EP Reader Quick Start sheet
    • Equipment Handling and Care sheet
    • Exhaust and Crankcase Tips sheet
  2. Company access to Engine Polygraph for signature storage, retrieval, and report requests by your employees
  3. EPReader software for easier signature data collection with automated updates
  4. Two-month subscription to the application (described below) for unlimited requests for Assessment or Diagnostics reports
  5. Continual updates to Engine database and Diagnostic rules
  6. Two threaded FirstLook® sensors
  7. One 4425A PicoScope (4-channel)
  8. Silicone exhaust hose with clamp
  9. 27″ silicone rubber hose for diffuser exhaust
  10. Two sensor attachments with tapered nipples (smooth vs. ribbed)
  11. Three-size oil dipstick tube adapter
  12. Clear plastic tubing for small oil dipstick tubes (provides flexibility for tight spaces)
  13. 5″ (1 3/8” ID, 1 5/8” OD) plastic hose for certain (Yanmar) oil filler/dipstick tubes
  14. 6″ silicone rubber hose for other oil dipstick tubes
  15. Aluminum vacuum line adapter
  16. One 25′ rg 58 cable with BNC connectors
  17. One 15′ rg 58 cable with BNC connectors
  18. One Cable-org for storing the rg 58 cables
  19. Female BNC/BNC Connector
  20. Pelican 1510 carrying case
      • Pelican case size: 22.00 x 13.81 x 9.00 in (55.9 x 35.1 x 22.9 cm)
      • Package size: 22 ½ x 14 x 9 ¼ in (57.2 x 36 x 23.5 cm)
      • Net weight of package for shipping: 26 lbs. (12 kg)

Engine Polygraph kit without PicoScope (SKU 20011)
MRSP 6450.00 USD plus shipping

Same as above Engine Polygraph kit except this kit does not have a PicoScope. This might supplement your existing 4425A PicoScope Starter kit.

Engine Polygraph Move-up kit (SKU 20012)
MRSP 695.00 USD plus shipping

This kit is available for a shop that already has a SenX  FirstLook® sensor kit with a knobbed sensor. This kit has a second sensor that is threaded so the included attachments can simplify the data capture for obtaining the Engine Polygraph reports. In addition, one would require a subscription to the application to obtain the capabilities of EPReader, Analysis reports (Assessment and Diagnostics) and Signature storage and retrieval. (See below.)

The kit includes:

  1. One threaded FirstLook® sensor
  2. Engine Polygraph® Quick Reference Card
  3. Two sensor attachments with tapered nipples
  4. Three-size oil dipstick tube adapter
  5. Clear plastic tubing for small oil dipstick tubes
  6. 5” (1 3/8” ID, 1 5/8” OD) plastic hose for certain (Yanmar) oil filler/dipstick tubes
  7. 6” rubber hose for other oil dipstick tubes
  8. Silicone exhaust hose with clamp
  9. 27” silicone rubber hose for diffuser exhaust
  10. Aluminum vacuum line adapter
  11. One 15’ rg 58 cable with BNC connectors
  12. Female BNC/BNC Connector
  13. Carrying case
    • Case size: 13.75” x 10.5” x 4” (35 x 27 x 11 cm)
    • Package size: 14″ x 12″ x 5″ (36 x 31 x 13 cm)
    • Net weight of package for shipping: 4 lbs. (2.0 kg)
  1. Attachments for threaded FLS sensors (many are included with the above kits)
Shepherd’s hook vertical exhaust sampling unit (SKU 10055)
MSRP 290.00 USD plus shipping

The Shepherd’s hook is designed to easily get access to the exhaust stream on vehicles and installations that have vertical exhaust pipes. These are common on diesel trucks and city buses, but are also useful for many farm machines and permanent installations. The extension pole is 3-part and extends to 12 feet.

A threaded FirstLook® sensor (not included) is inserted into the sampling pipe and connected to your oscilloscope with a 25′ coax cable with BNC connectors (not included). The hooked end of the sampling tube is inserted into the exhaust pipe with cable attached to your oscilloscope.

ADS ES 100 Threaded FirstLook® Sensor (SKU 10051)
MSRP 325.00 USD plus shipping

This product consists of a single threaded FirstLook® ADS ES 100 sensor as an addition or replacement to your existing set. The threaded sensor is designed to screw into the attachments or the Shepherd’s hook.

Tailpipe exhaust hose with clamp (SKU 10052)
MSRP 65.00 USD plus shipping

The Diesel silicone exhaust hose with clamp that goes into a (horizontal) exhaust pipe. The spring-clamp is available to secure the sampling hose to extra-large diameter exhaust pipes. The threaded FirstLook® sensor (not included) is attached to the other end of the sampling hose by a threaded FirstLook® adapter.

4-Piece Oil dipstick tube attachments (SKU 10053)
MSRP 99.00 USD plus shipping

Oil dipstick tube attachments are available to accommodate various diameter oil dipstick tubes. A threaded FirstLook® sensor is screwed to the appropriate attachment.

The 3-way attachment (center-top in the photo on the left) has O-rings to assure a snug fit to the appropriate oil tube to the crankcase. It fits 15/16″ (23.4 mm), 1.0″ (25.4 mm), or 1.5″ (38.1 mm) inner diameter tubes.

The ribbed, tapered attachment on the left in the image fits most spark-plug engine dipstick tubes.

The smooth, tapered nozzle on the right is designed for the Cummins oil dipstick tubes with the ‘cup’ at the top.

The 4″ rubber hose provides a better fit in some cases (lower attachment in the picture) fits over 3/8″ (9.5 mm) outer diameter tubes.

Aluminum Vacuum Line adapter (SKU 10013)
MSRP 47.00 USD plus shipping

Replacement Aluminum Vacuum Line adapters are available with hose coupler. These can be used with a barbed or threaded FirstLook® sensor.

Engine Polygraph Reports
MSRP 25.00 USD/Report or $500/month with unlimited reports

What are Engine Polygraph Reports for engines of the same model with different issues.  EP Reports are available on a monthly subscription basis for your shop. Please call us to establish a unique short Company name to represent your shop and a startup sign-in username/password when you are ready to proceed.

Engine Polygraph web-based application:

The web-based Engine Polygraph application provides the functions to store signatures and reports for future reference with a search function to help you rapidly retrieve previous results. The application enables the authorizations of identified technicians to collect the data and select the desired reports that can be forwarded to other email addresses.

The billing is automated for a per-report or a monthly flat rate per EP kit. The signatures and reports from multiple technicians using perhaps multiple EP kits can see all reports under the same EP customer account.

Details on the functionality of are available in a PDF download (Engine Polygraph Users Guide).

Engine Assessments:

You may request an optional analysis of your signature if it is done according to our EP Methodology. Currently, we provide two different types of reports. The Assessment ‘scores’ the major engine components for physical integrity: each component is assigned a value from a ‘Great!’ (score = 1) to a ‘Very Poor’ (score = 9). The results are accompanied with graphics showing cylinder-by-cylinder behavior. For more information on the Engine Polygraph Assessment report, download the document “EP Assessment Report“.

Diagnostic Reports:

The optional Diagnostic report contains all the information in the Assessment report plus more data about the engine model of the vehicle and a section listing detected ‘Abnormal Observations’ (engine and cylinder patterns that are not common to a good engine of same specifications).

These Abnormal Observations are then tested against a set of rules to suggest ‘Causes’ that would produce some similar observations, recognizing that your engine might have more than one problem. The report then shows the estimated probability that the indicated Cause is present in your engine.

The report lists one or more suggestions to address each identified possible cause. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the diagnosis is complete and accurate, but that it represents our ‘best effort’ to incorporate the experiences to date from several expert mechanics.

For more information on the Engine Polygraph Diagnostic report, download the document “EP Diagnostic Report“.


Any EP subscriber can download a PC/laptop application to their shop devices to greatly simplify and pre-edit signatures before automatically send the data to our servers. The PC/laptop must be internet-connected to obtain this capability. There is no additional charge for this capability.

For more information on the Engine Polygraph Diagnostic report, download the document “EPReader Installation and User Guide“.

What is the connection to Engine Angel?

If you represent a Fleet operation, you probably know of Engine Angel (, a web-based application to provide Fleet Management capabilities by integrating data from your engines (ECM and EP), your drivers and operators, your maintenance and service activity, etc. These data are combined with weather, highway conditions, etc. to provide context to the data from your drivers and vehicles.

EP provides an interface to owners of vehicles that are reported in their Engine Angel Vehicle/Engine database. Such an interface requires authorization for the communication by the EA Fleet management.

  1. Accessories for more advanced diagnostic work (Not recommendations, but suggestions.)

Optional Diagnostics components

Radiator Pressure Sensor kit

Radiator Pressure Sensor kit to be used with FirstLook® sensor to detect pressure variation by cylinder, indicating gasket/cylinder sleeve failures resulting in pressure pulses at the radiator cap. The pressure will be displayed on the EP waveform graphic.

PICO Inductive Pickup can be used to detect spark at a sparkplug on one of the additional channels of the PicoScope. This works if your engine has a distributor wire to the sparkplug. If this is used, enter the cylinder number you are referencing on the EP screen so the diagnostic report can highlight that cylinder in the report.

15-inch WyzeProbe for Secondary Ignition and COP

Scope each COP cylinder, one at a time, and quickly with the WyzeProbe!
This 15-inch probe makes it easier to access the coils.

Non-Invasive Current Sensor - 30A

Non-Invasive Current Sensor – 30A can be used to measure the current draw during a cold-crank (‘c-c’) test. The simultaneous current will be displayed on the waveform graphic.

Bluetooth OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool

Bluetooth OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool can be used to use Bluetooth to transmit the rpm, odometer, and coolant temperature to the EPReader.

5-Gas Exhaust Analyzer

5-Gas Exhaust Analyzer (IR Infrared)  to capture the data from your engine exhaust. The data can be entered into the EP application or transmitted via Bluetooth if your PC is so equipped. The data is ‘attached’ to a previous EP signature and can then be included in the diagnostic analysis.

  1. Miscellaneous Products

Engine Polygraph Cable-Org (SKU 20014)
MRSP 16.95 USD plus shipping

The Cable-Org (organizer) unit is a simple device for wrapping, storing, and unwrapping cables and cords. It is designed for managing two rg 58 coax cables of up to 50′ each. Displayed (left) is a unit with one 15′ and one 25′ rg 58 cables as typical for the EP kit (SKU 20010). One unit is included with each EP (20010) kit where a ‘loaded’ unit fits snug in the 5010 case.

The ‘two handle’ design allows easy wrapping of each cable, one at a time, preventing the typical twisting and knotting of the cable/cord that complicates the next unwrapping. The holes at the tips enable hanging the unit on a wall. Works great for power extension cords and holiday decoration lights.