Predictive Fleet Technologies

UTC 2023.03.26 08:14

Customers & Value

Customers of PFT covers many sectors of the transportation and stationary ICE industries.

Engine Polygraph customers  include:

Dealers to obtain Assessment reports for trade-in offerings for offerings and for sales warranty considerations. This is true also for Used Vehicle and Equipment shops.

Maintenance and Repair shops are interested in the Assessment reports to triage new arrivals for  diagnoses.

3rd party Maintenance & Repair shops for Fleets likewise  benefit from EP and the results are automatically made available to the Fleets that are EP customers.

The vehicle owner, whether individual or fleet, gets benefit of longer asset useful life and improved performance due to earlier detection of emerging issues, enabling corrective or preventative action before failure or increased operational cost.

Engine Angel helps Fleets, whether long haul or regional, get value by improving internal processes, driver evaluation improvement, shop maintenance scheduling and inventory management, reduced on-road maintenance, reduced fines.

Fleet assets are classified by ‘occupation’ and ‘home location’. This allows grouping of assets by category for performance and risk ranking.