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This material is to explain the purpose, features, and business value to the Predictive Fleet Technologies’ products.

Engine Polygraph

Here are some documents and videos to provide some background information about Engine Polygraph.

Evaluating Engine Health From the Inside – Sawyer
Christopher Sawyer describes how Engine Polygraph works and various uses. (Motorway America)
New Technology Easily Diagnoses Engine Issues in Seconds - Cole
Craig Cole shows the methodology for using Engine Polygraph. (Auto News)
Taking Engine Diagnostics to the Next Level – Wall
Ed Wall describes the Engine Polygraph kit and report to help diagnose engines.
How to read the EA Assessment reports
PFT description of the Assessment report components.
Engine Cycles of the Internal Combustion Engine
This discussion uses a CAT C15 to illustrate the various cycles of the I.C. engine and the physical source of the signature pulses at various frequencies.
Cavitation Erosion in Diesel Cylinders
Description of how cavitation occurs on the exterior (wet) side of cylinder walls and the top cylinder ring of the liner and the deterioration that it causes.
Volumetric Efficiency Diagnostics
Test sequence for understanding Volumetric Efficiency and the MAF sensor by use of OBDII scan tools.
Engine Polygraph (formerly SenX History Manager)
Introducing the Engine Polygraph software; what it does, how to use it and where it adds value for used vehicle dealers, maintenance shops and fleet owners. (8:45 min)
SenX FirstLook Sensor Introduction
Louie Nelson provides an introduction to the FirstLook® sensor and several ways it can be used to help in diagnosis physical problems of engines. (9:36 min)
SenX FirstLook Sensor Methodology
This video provides several uses for FirstLook® sensors with diesel engines assessment and diagnostics. It is more detailed than the others. (17:26 min)
Engine Angel
Engine Angel & Engine Polygraph Overview
A slide-show overview of EA and EP features and how they guide you to improved efficiencies and safety.
Common Causes of Semi Breakdowns
TMC data shows the most frequent reasons for on-road service calls. (Fleet Net America)
USDOE Long-Haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profits
A Summary of cost impacts (fuel and maintenance) of long idling with outline of alternatives with cost estimates.
ATRI Operational Costs of Trucking 2017
An extensive survey of Fleet Operational costs completed n Oct 2017, based on ATRI survey data.
Engine Angel Business Value
First of 4 videos describing business value to companies in various parts of the transportation industry. – This one introduces the other 3 business-line specific videos: Fleets; Service & Repair shops; and Used & New Vehicle dealers. (2:33 min)
Engine Angel Business Value – Fleet Operator
Describes business value to Fleet Operations of the transportation industry. This one provides more detail on the nature of the value Fleets using Engine Angel can expect. (3:47 min)
Engine Angel Business Value – Vehicle Dealer
Describes business value of Engine Angel and SenX History Manager (SHM) for Used & New Vehicle dealers. (3:21 min)
Engine Angel Business Value – Maintenance and Repair Shops
Describes business value of Engine Angel and SenX History Manager (SHM) to Service & Repair shops. (4:05 min)
Engine Angel Promo
A fun, 2 minute marketing video talking about the benefits of Engine Angel. (2:01 min)
Case Studies
Engine Polygraph
Perfect Engine
This is a description of a 'perfect' engine as seen by EP.
Evolution of a V6 with fuel/oil treatments
Here a series of EP reports document the improvement of a V6 with over 300,000 miles due to specific fuel and oil additives.
Extreme Blow-by - Mercedes I5
An example of an EP report showing results of detonation in an automobile engine.
CAT C15 with 78 Opacity Test
Description of the various cycles of an I-6 diesel engine and 'diagnosis' of a CAT C15 engine.
Before-to-After Change to Amsoil synthetic
Comparison of the Before EP Report on a Kia I4 with the After report changing from organic oil to Amsoil synthetic.
3.0L V6 Diagnostic at Idle and Load
Engine Polygraph Case Study showing the value of Idle AND Load Analysis/Diagnostics.
Engine Angel
Engine Angel Driver Performance Analysis
Presentation of capstone project using Engine Angel to evaluate drivers. (6:23 min)
Four Case Studies of DD S60 Engines
Four Case Studies of DD S60 engines using Engine Angel for comparing Assessments with fuel economy.
New Technology (Betterments) Evaluation
This documents a study by a Fleet comparing their 'legacy' engines with a newer model engine in the same model tractor.
Science & Engineering

This section is an evolving compilation of documents providing insight into some of the mechanisms causing failures and/or decreased performance of internal combustion engines.

Carbon Deposits

Documents addressing Carbon deposits: Causes and Effects.

Overview of Carbon Deposits
Summary of knowledge carbon accumulations in an internal combustion engine.
Carbon Deposits Cause and Effect
Summary of causes and effects of carbon accumulations in internal combustion engines.
Emissions Control Technology
Direct Injection Technology
Oil Technologies
Modeling & Simulation of Oil Transport for Studying Piston Deposit Formation in IC Engines - McGrogan
Thesis using mathematical simulation to get better understanding of the oil dynamics in an I.C. engine.
Making Sense Of New Diesel Engine Oil Specifications: CK-4 and FA-4
The 'new' Diesel Engine Oil Specifications: CK-4 and FA-4. (AMSOIL Blog)
Noack Volatility Test Method
ASTM Standard for testing oil volatility. (PQIA)
Understanding How Engines Consume Oil
Well organized discussion on the importance of engine oil properties. (Machinery Lubrication)
Lubricant Oxidation Analysis and Control
Chemistry of Oil Oxydation processes, analysis, and control. (Machinery Lubrication)

Diesel and gasoline fuel topics.

More efficient utilization of Fuel
This is a very early article in the Society of Automotive Engineering by Charles Kettering discussing the chemistry of combustion in the internal combustion engine.
Air Separation in Diesel Fuel
This article describes the phenomena of air in fuel and its effects. It is a ‘Fact Sheet’ by Parker Hannifin Corporation.
Dissolved Oxygen in Diesel Fuel
This article from the Journal of Polish CIMAC discusses dissolved oxygen in diesel fuel and the forming the harmful compounds in exhaust gases such as NOx and PM.
Dissolved Air in Gasoline
This paper from 1925 addresses the problems associated to air dissolved in gasoline.
Carbon in Motors - 1918
New York Times article by Willian Stewart in 1918 about the harm from carbon in engines.
Jet Fuel Explosion Experiments
Pages 46-48 describe the volume of air and water in fuel at various pressures.