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UTC 2024.06.14 22:11

About Engine Polygraph (EP)

EP is a set of sensors that you connect to a PicoScope (or equivalent PC Osciloscope) attached to your PC (laptop typically) and a user interface to non-invasively collect data on pressure pulses from at least the exhaust and crankcase.

These data are sent to our EP servers and combined with engine details from the manufacturer to generate features and interpret them in a variety of reports to be stored and made available online.

The pressure changes are sampled at least 20,000 times per second to get piston and valve action as well as vibration data.

Your engine’s features are compared with many other engines to produce an Assessment report with scores from 1 (excellent) to 10 (very bad).

PFT provided rules identify abnormal features to propose likely causes and suggest fixes on a Diagnostic report.

Additional sensors can be included with the signatures to provide a more complete and accurate diagnosis of detected problems.

Collect and organize data on engines & vehicles from manufacturers:

  • We provide manufacturer data to all customers as part of the service.
  • We provide tools to automatically collect much of your operational data

Help you collect and organize data on your engines.

  • EnginePolygraph Kits
  • EPReader
  • Assessment Report
  • Diagnostic Report
    • Abnormal Observations
    • Causes
    • Remedies

Diagnose causes of poor performance and suggest ‘fixes’

Inform the appropriate decisionmaker:

  • Selected reports online or sent via email
  • Alerts when results are quite bad
  • Data sent from 3rd party shops to EA for EA subscribers