Predictive Fleet Technologies

UTC 2023.03.26 08:19

What value does Engine Polygraph provide?

  1. Shorten the time you run equipment when performance is suffering. Put that difference in your pocket!
  2. Is the issue worn or broken parts or are they just dirty or out of adjustment? (Dirty = carbon buildup)
  3. Reduce the time/cost of the technician/mechanic by faster and more accurate diagnostics before starting to work on the engine. Increases the thruput of your shop.
  4. Get the assets back to work faster. (Less time in the shop.)
  5. Verify that procedures to fix or improve your engine actually has accomplished what was paid for.
  6. Compare an ‘After’ report with the ‘Before’ report to see the change (hopefully, improvement!)
  7. Compare current report with previous reports to show degradation over time, suggesting rate of carbon build up or other issue.

Business Processes Improved with Engine Polygraph

Service providers can use assessment reports to prove to customers when their engines need cleaning or other simple  procedure for upselling and cross selling. Validation of the work performed can be shown with an ‘after’ or comparison report.

Shop with EP can provide keep/repair/sell/buy used recommendations with the quick, non-invasive EP signature assessment report. The report can also help in providing price ranges appropriate and possibly, warranty terms. The end customer will experience longer engine life with increased performance by more timely maintenance.

Engine Repair shops use diagnostic reports that always review a library of possible engine issues and rank the confidence that each is present in your engine. In case of uncertainty, questions are presented to the mechanic for consideration. Results in reduced time for diagnosis and job estimation.

Comparison reports to compare engine status before and after a ‘betterment’ procedure  demonstrate the effect of the action such as fuel/oil treatment, adjustments, or repairs.

Diagnostics can be obtained for on-road calls using vehicle or phone hot-spot for reduced OOS and technician call time.