Predictive Fleet Technologies

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Doug Strock
Doug Strock

President, Predictive Fleet Technologies: Develops advanced analytical software to simplify and enhance the information obtained by two piezoelectric pressure-pulse sensors. After several years in development and testing, the tools are now at a point where they are commercially viable and gaining traction in the area of fleet maintenance. Our efforts focus on two primary applications, one for storing engine signatures at a maintenance facility ( and the other for Fleet Management (

Vice President, Global Language Translations & Consulting:  Provides marketing, IT and project management support with a heavy focus on new application development. GLTaC is an innovator in the language translation industry in terms of automation use and operational efficiency. Our goal is to be the leading supplier of translation services to our targeted industries.

Education: Completed my MBA while working at the Directorate of Combat Developments in the Field Artillery at Fort Sill. Oklahoma City University was very supportive of the military, providing classes during the week at Fort Sill, with labs in Oklahoma City on the weekends.

James Mentele
James Mentele

Jim is currently the Applications Architect for and co-founder of Predictive Fleet Technologies, Inc. of Midland, Michigan. In this role, Jim designed and managed development of the Engine Polygraph® and Engine Angel® applications to bring analytics to the transportation industry. Jim is the Inventor of US Patent  US 2019/0304214 A1 and Application 16/376,407 that are the basis of PFT software.

Jim’s background includes 19 years consulting as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Health and Business Insights (IHBI) at Central Michigan University, working with customers on defining data mining and predictive modeling proposals and with the IHBI​ teams on executing approved projects.

Prior to that, Jim retired from Dow Corning in 2001 as a Senior Information Scientist after 35 years and continued as a Scientist Emeritus there for another 13 years. During his career at Dow Corning he led global initiatives in database management, chemical and process simulations, material property prediction, machine translation, technology transfer processes, and applications architecture for the global, multilingual SAP implementation.  He was a board member for the ‘Core’ Business of Dow Corning for several years.

Jim earned a BS in Mathematics and MS in Physics from South Dakota State University with thesis on Methods for the Approximate Calculation of the Quantum States of Small Molecules.