Predictive Fleet Technologies

UTC 2023.03.26 09:54


Engine Angel customers operate and or maintain a fleet of vehicles or a number of stationary engines. To provide meaningful reports and actionable analytics, EA collects and manages data from many sources including:

  • Engine condition from EP analysis, engine oil test results exhaust gas analysis, etc.;
  • Performance data from the ECM trip reports, Work Orders, On road Telematics;
  • Vehicle inspections, PMs, repairs and Betterments;
  • Driver CreditCard activity – fuel, oil top-offs, motel stays
  • Dispatch: Delivery cargo and on-time status; route
  • Environmental conditions of weather and roads.

These data sources are used to maintain vehicle/engine specific predictive models to ‘predict’ usage and End-of-Life of components for fleets and stationary engines in many industries:

Long haul
Regional Delivery
Bus Operations
Police cars

Logging & Mining

Outputs of analysis and predictions are communicated by means of:

  • Status reports
  • Performance reports
  • Alerts
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Planning reports
  • Automated corrective actions